Entrepreneurship and Management, Eng.

Description of the field:

Business and Management is a career-oriented study program that prepares students of the College of Entrepreneurship and Law for employment in the field of business and management. The study program has been designed to give students the theoretical knowledge necessary to grasp the broader international context of business and management. At the same time students learn and develop skills to enable them to apply that knowledge in solving the practical problems and needs of the company or organization. The creation and implementation of the study program highlights the importance of practice, which students undertake within a specified range during the course of their studies. They take part in the core business and research activities of companies and use that experience as the theme for their theses. A master’s degree in Business is available for those interested in continuing their collegiate education.

WHY Entrepreneurship and Management at VŠPP?

1. The greatest added value of the study program? 

  • An original set of subjects with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and creativity (Know-how in business, Digital and communication skills, Creativity in advertising, Entrepreneurship, lifestyle and ethics in business.
  • High employment rate of full-time and part-time students, in addition to important job positions.
  • Emphasis on practice and professional orientation and pro-client approach.
  • Opportunities to study abroad through the Erasmus + program.  

2. How do we differ from other universities and related study programs?

  • Practical case studies within the study – solving specific assignments of professional partners for the start of projects.
  • Emphasis on innovative thinking and creativity.
  • A well-balanced ratio between hard and soft skills.
  • Teaching methods – we teach not only the planning / predictive approach to business, but also creative / effective, i.e the use of opportunities without a large initial capital, to act, start, improve, implement business on the fly.

Length of study: 3 years (6 semesters)

Beginning of studies from the summer semester (full-time study): March 2021

Beginning of studies from the winter semester (full-time study): October 2020

Form of study: Full-time – (Prague)

Study plan

Tuition: HERE

Schools: Prague

Admission procedure: no entrance exams required

Submit an officially certified copy of your high school (GCSE) graduation certificate. Please deliver this officially certified proof of your previous education in person or send by post:

In the case of personal delivery of proof of previous education, the document will be verified directly at the Study Department upon presentation of proof of identity. Study Department –office hours: studijni-oddeleni or mail to:

Applicants for studying in Prague: Study Department of CEL Prague, Spálená 76/14, 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové Město


Admission fee: CZK 400

More information on the info line: 800 555 808

Prerequisites for admission: Submission of a certified copy of graduation certificate.

(Study groups will open only after the enrollment is full)

Graduate profile

In terms of general qualifications, graduates of the career-oriented study program Business and Management will be able to:

  • make difficult and tactical decisions concerning the basic processes of the company in an independent and competent manner,
  • express their thoughts and opinions clearly, coherently and convincingly,
  • identify and develop the potential of team members,
  • act with a view to compliance with legislative requirements and ethical principles,
  • seek out and take advantage of opportunities for self-growth.

In terms of skills and expertise, graduates of the career-oriented study program Business and Management will be able to:

  • describe microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and explain their interrelationships and context,
  • establish their own business and independently run and manage it,
  • draw up a business plan and business objectives,
  • prepare a project and manage the project team,
  • use managerial methods and techniques to manage business activities and processes, cooperation, handle tension and stress, and resolve conflicts,
  • navigate the financial management of the company, apply the basic methods of financial analysis,
  • tactically manage the assets and capital structure of the company, manage working capital, obtain and invest available funds in business,
  • be familiar with tax and accounting issues and apply this knowledge in business management,
  • use tools to develop and manage human resources,
  • explain specific aspects of individual personnel activities and the principles of working in human resources,
  • describe the legislative framework for running businesses, including the legal regulation of individual taxes,
  • characterize and use the modern tools of marketing communication and measure their effectiveness,
  • analyze the market using the methods and techniques of marketing research,
  • communicate with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in business and supplier relationships,
  • use the cycle of controlled creativity and selected methods of creativity in solving problems,
  • routinely use information technology and software tools for organizational, managerial and analytical activities,
  • undertake qualitative and quantitative analyses of economic data using mathematical and statistical methods in practice,
  • identify, classify and interpret economic data.

Relevant characteristic professions:

  • Entrepreneur and manager in the SME segment,
  • Lower and mid-level manager or finance-oriented employee in the public sector,
  • Lower and mid-level manager in management,
  • Project manager,
  • Lower and mid-level manager in marketing,
  • Lower and mid-level manager in financial management, managerial and financial accounting,
  • Product manager (specialist),
  • Purchasing manager,
  • Sales representative,
  • Financial controlling specialist,
  • Methodologies accountant.


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