About School


The College of Entrepreneurship and Law is a private non-university type of college. It was created by merging two almost oldest, most traditional universities – VŠMIEP Prague and Business School Ostrava with more than 15 years’ tradition. The College of Entrepreneurship and Law offers a Bachelor’s degree programmes in Entrepreneurship, Informatics, Law and Marketing Communications. The course also includes the follow-up Master’s degree programmes Entrepreneurship, Legal Studies and Marketing Communications. All offered study programmes are uniquely combined for the current needs of today’s competitive market. The school focuses on competence education, where the aim is the practical applicability of acquired knowledge and skills, with the aim of zero unemployment of graduates. The College of Entrepreneurship and Law also offers a comprehensive lifelong learning program. It is possible to study at educational institutions in Prague, Ostrava and Brno.

The College of Entrepreneurship and Law in Prague provides university education, entrepreneurial thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills required by practice. The mission of the school is to prepare experts in law, business, entrepreneurship and informatics. The employability of graduates in practice is crucial for us. The study is therefore focused on the practice and requirements of employers. We educate entrepreneurs, managers and specialists who are successful in their fields. The school management follows and develops modern tertiary education trends. In order to create the best possible time and economic conditions for students.

The College of Entrepreneurship and Law wants to be one of the best educational institutions on the Czech market. We want to be an attractive partner for students, teachers, employers, local and national partners as well as for our international partners. Within the Erasmus+ we are a holder of ECHE and cooperate with almost 40 universities in Europe. As internationalism is one of the most important aspect to develop our curriculums and research platforms, we would like to address educational institutions and universities worldwide.

On behalf of the Rector Associate Professor Aleksandr Ključnikov, allow to express the institutional interest, willingness and openness to enhance collaboration opportunities with foreign Higher Education Institutions and research agencies. The College of Entrepreneurship and Law is strongly engaged and willing to contribute toward research and innovation.